The long-awaited trip is finally underway as the Headmaster, the teachers and the students set out to tour various historical sites in the 33rd episode of the Globacom-sponsored drama series, The Village Headmaster.


To make the trip a fun and memorable one for the students, the Headmaster and Teacher Ese shared fun facts about the different places that would be visited. Upon arrival in Abeokuta, they visited the Olumo Rock tourist site, where they learned about the history of the rock and the town’s development, before moving on to other interesting attractions. Amidst the day’s fun and excitement, the Headmaster was quick to notice Teacher Iginla’s quiet mood. Teacher Iginla was quick to dismiss the Headmaster’s concerns, explaining that he was simply reflecting on their experiences from the various sites they had visited. On the home front however, there seems to be a storm brewing with Teacher Idemudia right at the centre of it and clueless as to what was happening. What has Teacher Idemudia gotten himself into? Could there be a connection between this event and Teacher Iginla’s quiet mood?

Meanwhile, Madam Doyin pays a quick visit to Madam Folake’s shop to relay the incident from her recent encounter with Madam Asake. It appears that Madam Asake failed to heed all warnings and has begun requesting to be addressed as Olori, following her husband’s self-appointment as acting Kabiyesi. As the women joked about how they would from henceforth address Madam Asake, Mrs Abaga, who was also present, refused to believe Madam Folake’s story. She accused Madam Folake of spreading false news and stormed out on a mission to find out the real story. Will her visit to Madam Asake confirm the story after all? Will she be subjected to the same treatment as Madam Folake?

While Mrs Asake is going around town parading herself as the new Olori, the acting Kabiyesi, Chief Dagbolu, appears to be taking a firmer approach in ensuring that tributes are paid to him by the people of Oja. The people are required to pay tributes as cash or with a portion of their goods, and failure to do so would incur certain consequences. Chief Fadele, standing in as the right-hand man of the acting Kabiyesi, can be seen exercising the new law, by ordering the palace guards to flog Udoh for Mazi Chinedu’s refusal to pay the tributes. Could this directive truly be from the acting Kabiyesi? Or could Chief Fadele be exploiting his new status, all in the name of the Kabiyesi?


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